Though the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards was supposed to a night of celebration, it quickly turned into a night of violence and terror for two camps. Rick Ross' entourage and Young Jeezy's crew reportedly got into a heated battle -- that may or may not have culminated in gunshots.

TMZ reports that Ricky Rozay and Jeezy got into a verbal argument backstage. The argument quickly escalated into a physical altercation, as the two rappers began shoving one another. BET security guards, as well as each of the rappers' individual bodyguards, broke up the scuffle before it got too serious.

Here's where the details get murky: A TMZ source insists that after the awards were taped, a member of Ross' group fired gunshots in the parking lot of the Atlanta Civic Center, however, police deny those allegations.

A police report noted, "Shortly after 7:15 PM Saturday, a fight broke out in the parking lot at the Atlanta Civic Center (where the BET Awards were being taped) between two groups. Atlanta Police Department officers on scene responded to break up the fight and used OC spray in the process. Individuals fled the scene. There were no arrests or reports of serious injuries. Reports of shots fired appear to be untrue."

Ross, Jeezy and their respective groups weren't the only ones to get into scrapes at the awards show, which will air in October. TMZ also notes that 50 Cent got into an argument with Gunplay, a member of Ross' entourage. Hey, Gunplay? You may want to change your moniker now that these rumors have hit. Just a thought!

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