Harry Cook (seen above) and Ryan Ochoa (featured in the video below) will tap into their spooky sides during a social seance this Friday, Oct. 10.

Inspired by the upcoming horror film 'Ouija,' the event will feature Harry and Ryan -- as well as more guests like Kendall Schmidt and Emily Kinney -- asking an Ouija board fan-submitted questions. Yep, you get a chance to send in a question for the spirits! Pretty cool, right? Bonus: Cast-members from 'Ouija,' like Olivia Cooke and Ana Coto, will also be in attendance.

While we're not sure if Harry and Ryan will be seeking counsel from the spirits, we're willing to bet that they're totally going to embrace the energy of the evening! Want to take part in the social seance as well? Here's what you need to know.

To get in on the action, be sure to tweet your questions to @OuijaTheMovie and use the #OuijaSeance hashtag. For more information on what's sure to be an ultra-spooky seance, check out the video above.

And just in time for Halloween, you can get your scare on when 'Ouija' hits theaters everywhere on Oct. 24!

See Ryan Ochoa's 'Ouija' Video

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