Heffron Drive is gearing up to have a huge year.

The indie-pop duo — individually known as Kendall Schmidt (of Big Time Rush) and Dustin Belt — will kick off 2017 with a new single called "Living Room," dropping this Friday (Jan. 13), the same day as the kick-off of their 2017 tour in Mexico City.

"Living Room" is the lead track from their upcoming EP due out in early 2017, and fans will be able to here a preview of the song on Friday.

“‘Living Room’ is about the ups and downs of a relationship. The song metaphorically refers to a living room as the "home" in a relationship, and how we all strive to have that place where we are comfortable and feel safe," the duo says of their new song.

"Ironically, ‘Living Room’ began as an idea in Kendall's living room. [We] started talking about all the aspects of relationships that happen in the living room. From watching TV, eating dinner, arguments, conversations, drinking, dancing, everything. We wanted to write a song that encapsulated all of those ideas and painted a visual for a listener. I think we were able to write exactly what we had imagined.”

The duo dropped two singles, "Rain Don't Come" and "Don't Let Me Go," in 2016. Ready for more, Drivers?

Heffron Drive's 2017 Tour:

Jan.13. | Mexico City , Mexico
Jan.14. | Monterrey, Mexico
Jan.15. | Guadalajara, Mexico
Feb.09. | Moscow, Russia
Feb.10. | St. Petersburg, Russia
Feb.14. | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb.17. | Paris, France
Feb.18. | Roubaix, France
Feb.19. | Lyon, France
Feb.20. | Tours, France
Feb.22. | Solothurn, Switzerland
Feb.24. | Turin, Italy
Feb.25. | Naples, Italy
Feb.26. | Rome, Italy

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