Is there anything better than fetus Liam Payne and James Maslow? The singers both rocked that long, shaggy hair -- and honestly, they kind of looked like twins. Whose throwback swoop do you like better?

Liam Payne rocked that flat-ironed look like no other, bringing his Bieber-like locks to X Factor back in 2010. The swoop definitely gave him that "teen idol" look, but it was those killer pipes that wowed not only the judges but the burgeoning One Direction fans as well. Still, Liam's locks were a beauty all their own -- with that chocolatey brown hue and rich texture. Yes, we basically just made his hair sound like a dessert and it's 100% okay.

While we are head over heels with James Maslow's current hair (BRB, drooling for days), fetus James Maslow with long hair is basically perfection. Not only does it remind us of the good ol' days of Big Time Rush, it also was long enough for us to run our hands in it because that would totally happen (hey, we can dream). It definitely gave him that "pretty boy" look and let us tell you, we were definitely not complaining. Yum!

Whose throwback hair is your fave? Just in time for #ThrowbackThursday, cast your vote for fetus Liam Payne or fetus James Maslow in the poll below! We know it's a tough one.

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