In honor of #NationalPuppyDay, Justin Bieber and James Maslow are going head-to-head in the battle of the most adorable puppy pics. Whose sweet dog photo is your fave?

Justin Bieber took to Instagram on Sunday night (March 23) to introduce his beyond adorable new pup to the world. "Say hello to the newest member of the Bieber family," he captioned the snap of his sweet dog. The puppy, whose name is Esther, is a brown and black bundle of cuteness and seems to be some kind of terrier. While we love admiring her in the crook of the Biebs' (tattooed) arm, the only thing that would have made this pic better was if Justin decided to take a selfie with her. Aw! Check out the sweet photo below.

James Maslow is pretty much the master at #FoxFridays, aka the (best) day of the week when the Big Time Rush singer Instagrams a pic of his pup, Fox. While there are so many James and Fox selfies to choose from, we think that one of his most recent is the best. (Feast your eyes on the pic below!) It features James looking smokin' hot as always while holding up the little guy for all the world to see. James Maslow + adorable puppy = Ultimate happiness.

Whose insanely adorable puppy picture is your fave? Vote for Justin Bieber or James Maslow in the poll below!

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