Is there anything you love more in this world than the Harry Potter series? If you answered, "Yes, I love the television show Friends more than or a little less than or maybe even just as much as I love Harry Potter," then we're about to totally make your day. Because the Internet is a place that exists and people will always have time on their hands to pursue each and every one of their creative endeavors, and because some of us see the romantic comedy aspect of everything, someone decided to turn Harry Potter into a light-hearted television show, using the Friends theme song as its catalyst.

The faux trailer does a fantastic job taking the funny parts of the otherwise serious series and jamming them into a 47-second clip. It even takes after the original Friends title sequence by showing the different actors and writing their names beneath snippets of their scenes, complete with the proper Friends font. YouTuber Jeremiah Rivera claims to be "a person who got bored," and thus the mashup was born. If only we could turn our boredom into creative masterpieces, instead of 12-hour long Netflix binge-watches.

If you're longing for the days when both Harry Potter and Friends were still around (and we don't mean in syndication or in our hearts, because yes we'll always have both of those things, but it isn't the same as new episodes or books and you know it) you'll have to check out the trailer in the video above.