If Bruno Mars was in Slytherin, his music would be this epic Harry Potter-themed "Uptown Funk" parody.

The brilliant minds at KFaceTV featured Voldemort and his entourage singing an ultra-clever spoof of Bruno and Mark Ronson's hit song. Dare we say that the Dark Lord is throwing down some serious swagger as he sings the retro-tinged tune?

It's hard for any Harry Potter fan to reconcile Voldemort's actions. He's cold, calculating and utterly evil. However, this parody not only shows off a sense of humor, but it features some of Voldy's little-known dance moves. Potterheads, you'll be cracking up the entire time.

The parody kicks off with Voldemort & Co. circling Harry and taunting him. Again, normally we'd be rooting for Harry 100 percent in this situation, but we can't help but be entertained by the group's jaunty choreography.

The visual switches scenes to mimic the "Uptown Funk" video. (Um, yes, bald Voldemort does sport pink curlers.) However, he still maintains some of his classic appearance, like his pet snake.

Make no mistake: This video is complete gold, from start to finish. If we had to pick a favorite part, though, it would be when Voldemort belts "Albus sent you, hallelujah! 'Cause Dark Lord funk gonna give it to you!"

Most importantly, this video made us realize we want J.K. Rowling to write the Voldemort spin-off series we never knew we needed. (Hint, hint!)

Get your groove on, Dark Lord-style, with the epic Harry Potter parody of "Uptown Funk" in the video above!

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