Heejun Han was eliminated on tonight's episode (March 29) of 'American Idol,' but not before he was given the chance to sing for the save. He performed last night's tune, 'A Song for You,' again. While the singer finally cleaned up his act and took it seriously, letting his comedic flair fall to the wayside for the week, it wasn't enough to push him through another round.

Despite the judge's panel telling Han that they were impressed by the way he matured and how he approached the competition differently this week, they shockingly chose not to spend their only save of the season on him. We were floored, as we had predicted that the judges would use the save on Heejun Han, who was constantly in the bottom of the voting but a judge's fave. But they didn't throw him a lifeline. They let him go.

We will miss Heejun Han and the comic relief he provided each week on the show. We're sure his fellow contestants will miss him, as well, since he appears to lighten the mood during the heat of battle. However, we think it was wise of the judges not to use the save on him, since he is hardly the strongest singer or performer of the remaining eight contestants.

Buh-bye, Heejun!