It's an exciting day! Only two weeks after Heffron Drive announced their debut album (and a tour!), PopCrush is premiering the official album cover and track listing for 'Happy Mistakes.'

Of course, fans have already heard the band's first single, 'Parallel,' which gives us a hint at what we can expect from the full-length project. (What to expect: pure awesomeness!)

Back in March, Kendall Schmidt spoke with PopCrush about the album, saying that he was "super proud of" the lead single, 'Parallel.' He also explained how he wrote one of the the 'Happy Mistakes' deluxe edition tracks, 'Love Defined,' in just one hour. "It ended up being 100 percent written by me, which I was really so proud [of], and that one kind of just happened," Kendall said of 'Love Defined.'

Fans get a sneak peek at the 'Happy Mistakes' track listing below, and they can see the album's official artwork right here as well. Kendall had fans submit art as part of a contest, and he loved Yvonne Bikejev's egg-themed photo submission so much, he incorporated it into the cover of the album.

Consider us officially excited for 'Happy Mistakes,' which drops on Sept. 9.

Heffron Drive 'Happy Mistakes' Track Listing

Standard version:

1. 'Happy Mistakes'
2. 'Parallel'
3. 'Division of the Heart'
4. 'Had to Be Panama'
5. 'Nicotine'
6. 'Interlude'
7. 'Art of Moving On'
8. 'Passing Time'
9. 'Could You Be Home'
10. 'That's What Makes You Mine'
11. 'Everything Has Changed'

Deluxe version also includes:

12. 'One Track Mind'
13. 'Not Alone'
14. 'Love Defined'
15.' Parallel' (MACK & Jet Set Vega)
16. 'Could You Be Home' (RAS)

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