Hollie Cavanagh was eliminated on 'American Idol' tonight (May 10.) She was in the bottom two with Phillip Phillips, but he prevailed, effectively ending Cavanagh's run on the show.

While the tiny blonde has a gorgeous voice and we think she'll go far in the music business, she had a consistent problem throughout Season 11 and that was her inability to connect with the songs and the audience. The technical prowess is there; the emotional component isn't.

But that'll come in time. She's young and has lots of life to live, which will find its way into her future performances. She went from not making it past the auditions in Season 10 to the Top 4 in Season 11, which is, if you do the math, leaps and bounds worth of progress. She'll get there in time. We have faith. Fans of the show will also enjoy her voice again on the summer tour.

For her final performance, Cavanagh delivered a stirring rendition of Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb.' During the song, she hugged each of the remaining contestants and shook hands with all the judges. How was that for connecting?

The Top 3 for Season 11 consists of Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez. There is no clear frontrunner in this trio and each has markedly different strengths, so things are going to get pretty interesting over the next two weeks.