How(ie D) do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

For a recent PopCrush contest, Howie D. fans were tasked with creating and uploading videos explaining why they love this member of Backstreet Boys. Easy enough, right? There's so many things to love about Howie D. The singer picked a winner, and in turn, the winner was able to view an online concert and to engage in an exclusive Skype chat with him. But she had some stiff competition. Those videos did not go to waste, either.

Watch the mashup video of Howie D.s Top 100 favorite submissions. He jokingly said, "Thanks to all my lovelies for sending in all your great videos and for making my head even bigger than it already is!" If we had our fans submitting videos espousing their love for us and waxing about our virtues, our heads might get pumped a bit, too. But Howie D. remains down to earth and super sweet, even as he sifted through videos singing his praises.

Without further adieu, watch this mashup video of Howie D.' Top 100 submissions. How do you love Howie D.? Let us count the ways!

Watch Mashup of Howie D.'s Top 100 Video Contest Submissions