It's a brushfire holiday for surfer/singer Jack Johnson as he has issued 'In the Morning,' a quirky little seasonal song from his forthcoming release, 'This Warm December (A Brushfire Holiday Vol 2),' which lands in stores Nov. 15.

The single, available on iTunes today (Nov. 1), is festive without overdoing it. It's a contemplative song that celebrates the wide-eyed wonder and joy that children feel every December, namely the 24th and 25th of the month. Johnson has attempted to distill that feeling of thrill and excitement and "laughing in their sleep / And swimming through dreams into the morning" into a song and he's done a terrific job of it!

Johnson gently strums his acoustic guitar and his soft singing remind us a bit of a modern, edgy Paul Simon. No, really! When he sings, "These moments are the only gifts we need" and references the image of a child smiling down from the top of the stair on Christmas morning, it could knock the icy chill off the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge! No "Bah! Humbug!" here. It's an ode to the joy and anticipation that kids feel when barreling down the steps to open presents; the parents view of such events is the gift they keep. This simple song is stuffed with layers of meaning.

If you like the sentiments of holiday songs, but aren't super into all the chimes, sleigh bells and horns that populate Christmas tunes, then this song will let you be celebratory and in the holiday spirit. It's built on the back of the guitar melody and Johnson's voice.

Also, Johnson will donate 25% of the profits from the album to charities that support musical education for kids, such as Little Kids Rock and Silverlake Conservatory. So the song doesn't just celebrate the season of giving; it actually gives!


Listen to Jack Johnson, 'In the Morning'