Considering how creative Jackie Evancho is, we're not surprised to discover that one of her favorite activities is writing!

In the video above, we see the immensely talented, 14-year-old classical-crossover singer writing down her thoughts in a journal. She talks about her writing efforts, which include a few different types of writing, saying: "When I’m in a reflective mood I write in my journal. It’s usually whatever pops into my head. Sometimes it's lyrics and poetry and writing helps me focus and express my feelings."

Jackie goes on to talk about the different places that inspire her to write, saying: "I also write when I’m on vacation or in a new place." We totally feel the same way about words and how inspiring they can be (seriously -- how else do you think we express the way we feel about One Direction?), so we know exactly where Jackie's coming from.

Check out the video above!