Jacquie Lee is inspiring music fans everywhere with her powerful video for 'Broken Ones.'

The simplicity of the video lets Jacquie's incredible (and we mean incredible) vocals shine. The visual shows a group of women sitting in solitude. As the track progresses -- and gets increasingly more energetic -- each woman finds a unique way to express herself.

The 'Broken Ones' video highlights the positive inspiration behind the song.

"Basically, it’s about everyone has their own things that they’re sort of struggling with in their lives and we all  have that in common, so rather than trying to hide it and reject the flaws, just try and embrace it and love each other and love the flaws in one another," Jacquie told PopCrush, adding, "I’ve always had that sort of message that I want to get out, that everything’s going to be okay and nobody’s perfect."

Mission accomplished, Jacquie. Check out her inspirational video for 'Broken Ones' above. You can purchase a copy of her new EP here.

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