This year, for the first time ever, Red Nose Day is coming to America.

For fans of British pop acts, you might have already seen your favorite superstars across the pond participating in the cause for Comic Relief, which has been celebrated for over 25 years in the UK. The concept? It’s simple: Have a laugh to support an excellent cause.

Here in America, Walgreens is partnering with Red Nose Day to help lift children out of poverty. Nationwide, Walgreens and Duane Reade locations are giving the public an opportunity to donate to the cause, with proceeds contributed to the Red Nose Day Fund*, which supports non-profit organizations that help lift children and young people out of poverty. The campaign will culminate with NBC’s televised Red Nose Day fundraising event in New York City airing on May 21 from 8-11 PM ET, a 3-hour live benefit featuring comedians, musicians and live musical performances.

Here at PopCrush, we’ve had a bunch of pop acts come in to claim their own #RedNose and tell us a joke or share a particularly hilarious story, including Jacquie Lee and Martin Garrix.

Looking for a good laugh for a good cause? Watch these superstars flaunt their funny side up top, and make sure to head to Walgreens for more information on Red Nose Day.

*Noses are sold for $1 each, with 50 cents being contributed to the Red Nose Day Fund. No portion of purchase is tax deductible. Red Nose Day Fund’s objective is to lift children and young people out of poverty in the US and overseas. For more information about Red Nose Day Fund, visit