Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are one of Hollywood's longest-lasting couples, but that doesn't mean their relationship hasn't seen its fair share of strife and bad publicity. From divorce rumors to allegations of cheating, the Smiths have been through the ringer... and yet, seem to stand stronger then ever in 2018. Even the word "marriage" is just a social construct to them; they prefer the weightier term, "life partners."

One of the reasons for their ability to bounce back, perhaps, may be their candor and willingness to communicate even the most uncomfortable sentiments. On Sunday (August 26), Jada offered her sage perspective on self-forgiveness in an early morning Instagram video she recorded in bed.

"I've been sitting here just thinking about forgiveness, and it's been a deep journey for me because I've had to look into the shadows of my own heart and understand how I've hurt other people and forgive myself for any wrong acts that I might have committed or any pain I might have caused other people," she explained, not quite revealing the precise reason for said mysterious "shadows."

"I had to clear myself of my own shame, my own guilt and have compassion and forgiveness for myself," she continued. "And that actually gave me the power to forgive other people. It came through me releasing myself. None of us are perfect. Forgiveness is not really about the other person, it's really about us."

In the caption for the video, the actress added that forgiveness is "a delicate process where I also had to realize that just because my heart may embrace and forgive... doesn’t mean that person should be standing beside me."

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In another image shared on her Instagram page, Jada more directly opened up about marriage in general, sharing that she's witnessed "a lot of marriages dissolve around me."

"It’s been really painful," she wrote in a caption under a photo of her, Will, their daughter Willow and the actor's son, Trey, from a previous marriage, on vacation. "Marriages change. Sometimes they need to be reimagined and transformed. Sometimes they are simply over ... but either way, I pray that folks going thru this painful transition find the patience and the love within to not throw the 'babies' out with the bath water."

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