James Franco sure knows how to have a good time. So this Easter weekend, the charming and lovable actor had a little fun for his fans when he posted a video online of him singing along to his 'Spring Breakers' costar Selena Gomez on the radio.

Franco knew all the words to the singer's 'Love You Like a Love Song,' even down to the background beats added into the mix. His brown eyes twinkled as he bopped his head back and forth to the music, signing into the camera phone on several occasions to send his female fans over the edge with excitement.

The star took it up another notch towards the videos end as he licked his lips to the lyrics while locking eyes with the camera, before flashing his signature soft smile and sexy bedroom eyes.

Could this be the start of a vocal collaboration between Franco and Gomez in the future? Probably not, but if Franco wants to continue posting darling videos on the web like the one we are posting below, feel free! Nothing wrong with that by any means of the imagination!

Watch James Franco Sing 'Love You Like a Love Song'