If you never went to your prom or don't plan on attending it, we totally feel you. Who needs arbitrary, school-sanctioned functions that only make popular kids feel even better about themselves while the rest of us are forced to stand in the background of the gymnasium, palms slick with sweat, alone and unwanted? If that was your high school experience, come vote on PopCrush for Prom King and Queen -- you wield the power to crown your faves with the highest honor imaginable. Round one ended earlier today, so now we're launching round two. This one's between James Maslow and Nathan Sykes -- vote wisely.

James Maslow, of Big Time Rush and his own solo material, has a serious boost from his fans, winning round 1 of PopCrush Prom King against Nick Jonas. A few years ago, he won PopCrush's own Hottest Star of 2013, so he could very will win Prom King this time around. We could fill several novels with reasons to vote for James, but we'll leave you with these ten.

Nathan Sykes is also a former boyband member (remember the Wanted?), striking out on his own this year as a solo artist. He released his schmaltzy first single "More Than You'll Ever Know," and, let's just say it isn't what we expected from him -- but we mean that in a good way. It was super smooth and cool with that kind of retro vibe that's pretty hard to pull off when you've only been on this planet for a mere 22 years. His fanbase is known for being super dedicated -- and with a voice like that, we totally get why.

Who deserves the crown of PopCrush Prom King of 2015? You can vote once per hour for either James Maslow or Nathan Sykes in the poll below until it closes on May 7 at 3PM ET. Get to it!

Prom King
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