When Jamie Foxx and Wiz Khalifa team up, it could be the best night of your life. This fun collaboration, 'Best Night of My Life -- from Jamie's 2010 album with the same name -- sets the stage for an intimate night out on the town.

'Best Night of My Life' is a feel good, light-hearted, falling-in-love kind of tune, but the purpose is still evident: Mr. Foxx and Mr. Khalifa would like you to end up back at their respective cribs at the end of the night.

Foxx shows all of his cards from the launch of the first verse:

"Girl, can I be real? / I just wanna feel on your booty / That's not a big deal"

... Well, if you say so!

In walks Wiz Khalifa, who lays it down nice and smooth for the girl he's trying to rope in his verse:

"I could be a bartender / Tell me what you're sipping on / Girl, I'm not a travel agent / So what you trippin' on? / You say I think I could make it happen 'cause I'm famous / Naw, I'm just trying to get it crackin' 'cause we're faded / Get you to my crib, spend some time alone / Barely over 21 that mean you kinda grown / Umm"

We admire the 'Black and Yellow' rapper's dedication, though we think he may want to double-check the girl in question's I.D. before things get too heated -- or maybe run the idea by his new fiancee.

PopCrush gives this track two thumbs up -- even if we question Foxx's motive. In the chorus, he warns his lady friend that he just wants her to stick around, and if she does, they may just make a son or daughter. Specifically: "If we keep loving like this, we might make a child."

Hold the phone! We're not sure if the 'In Living Color' star is looking for a fun night out or a family, but either way, gear up for what promises will be the best night of your life.

Listen to Jamie Foxx, 'Best Night of My Life' Feat. Wiz Khalifa