Jason Mraz, like Ed Sheeran, seemed a somewhat unlikely fit for the hyper poppy 2012 Z100 Jingle Ball lineup, but he fit in seamlessly at last night's (Dec. 7) Madison Square Garden super show.

Rocking a fedora over his curly ponytail, Mraz opened with his current single, 'I Won't Give Up.' Switching guitars to one with a "Love" sticker and a marijuana leaf strap (so that's why he's so relaxed!), he followed the somewhat melancholy tune with what he called a "happy little hippie song." Yep -- 'I'm Yours,' one of the most ubiquitous songs of the '00s, was next!

Mraz encouraged the crowd to sing along, and sing along they did. It was one of the loudest, most enthusiastic singalongs of the entire night, likely because 'I'm Yours' is a song everyone knows -- and despite however many times you've heard it, it's impossible to get sick of it. "Let's sing it so loud they can hear it next week!" he encouraged. "Let's sing it so loud they can definitely hear it backstage!" At this rate, they heard it on Mars. He knew it, too: "Let's sing it so loud they can hear us from space!"

Mraz closed out his set with a happy, hippie take on a holiday classic. He performed his own unique take on 'Winter Wonderland,' effectively making it sound both festive and like his own. He's truly an artist that appeals to the masses.

Watch Jason Mraz Perform 'I'm Yours' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012

Watch Jason Mraz Perform 'Winter Wonderland' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012