When you agree to a Reality Show tenureyou don't leave any facet of your personality to the imagination, and Jazmine Sullivan, for one, has proven she comes with more sides than a Rubik's Cube.

Between the aggressive "Dumb," the powerful "Masterpiece" and the lovely "Let it Burn," Sullivan's catalog — particularly her most recent tunes — plays out like a mood ring's shifting colors. One moment, she's hopeful for love, the next, she's ready to hold a match to the sentiment and watch it go up in flames. Either way, when she's feeling something, she'll be sure to let you know, and she told PopCrush as much in June.

"I am soft at times, strong at times," she shared. "If I feel it in the moment, I will break down and I’ll find myself...[it's] really about being in the moment and being honest about where you are."

So, if you're a little aimless lately, and aren't exactly sure where your next step will fall, why not allow R&B's most beguiling voice to point you in the right direction? In the quiz below, and by answering questions that stretch from beauty routines to underwear-preferences, you'll find which of Sullivan's tracks suits your personality best. Do it if you dare, but don't make me wait!

Go ahead, see which Jazmine single best represents you and tell us if you agree with the results in the comments!

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