Horror movies rely on haunting visuals to make their mark, but sound can be equally important. Silence can build suspense, and hearing a classic scary movie theme — like the plinks and tics of Halloween's main song — is enough to reawaken the fear you felt when you first watched it.

But original themes aren't the only tunes that provide some of horror's most memorable moments. Plenty of musicians' songs have been used to great effect, with some providing spooky contrast to the onscreen action and others used as a mirror for the madness. Whether you already know the song or it's your first time hearing it, you'll often never hear it quite the same way again.

Time for the most fervent horror fans to put your knowledge to the test: Can you name the scary movie that these songs play a crucial role in? Take our quiz below — and if there's a movie you haven't seen yet, you should fix that ASAP.

Let us know how you scored in the comments below...

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