Update: Kat Von D's made good on her promise to explain why Kat and Jeffree Star aren't friends anymore, and naturally Jeffree's responded to her lengthy YouTube video.

Celebs! They weaponize social media just like us!

In yet another instance of famous onetime friends clawing at each other in the most public way possible, tattoo vixen Kat Von D cut ties with friend and fellow makeup personality Jeffree Star in an Instagram post published Tuesday morning (July 19).

The photo, which you can see above, places Jeffree beneath a Ghostbusters-style X, and is accompanied by an incriminating caption that accuses him of drug use, racism and bullying.

According to Star, the attack came out of the blue. In a series of tweets published shortly after Kat's post, the gender-fluid performer claimed he and Kat hadn't spoken in six months because she'd become jealous of his competitive makeup brand. (Jeffree promotes his line of velour liquid lipsticks on his YouTube channel; Kat Von D has a full cosmetics offering carried by mall staple Sephora).

In fact, Star says, he just wants to rise above the negativity.

The pair became friends when Jeffree hired the LA Ink star to design a JonBenet Ramsey tattoo, according to a 2010 interview. "After I sent the e-mail, Kat was like, 'Let's get this guy in here right now.' We really just bonded and have been best friends ever since," he said at the time. Kat became Jeffree's go-to body art resource, and his tattoos now total over 75. She even named her hot pink Jeffree Everlasting Liquid Lipstick after him.

This is not the first time Kat Von D has aired her dirty laundry on social media. In 2013 following her break from Deadmau5, the tattooist used her Twitter account to accuse her former fiancé of cheating. FWIW, Jeffree has been known to stir the pot, too. He recently published a scathing review of Kylie Jenner's beloved lip kits.

Phew, famous people. Give Twitter a break.