Jennifer Hudson is set to guest- star on an upcoming episode of the Fox drama Empire and not only is she contributing her acting chops to the show, but she's also lent her considerable vocals to an original track for it.

The song, called "Remember the Music," is an emotional ballad, with lyrics rooted in the idea that music has significance and it has power. If you have an inspiration board anywhere in your life, you might as well throw it away and just listen to this track on repeat, instead. Because with lyrics such as, "You live and you learn / Even when you think that times get hard / Temporary high / All you gotta do is make that call / I'll be there / Don't be scared / You don't got to lose it / Remember the music," who needs one?

Jennifer told PEOPLE about the inspiration behind the track, saying, "[It] truly exemplifies the power that music can have in all of our lives. In my own life and my own art, I have always aimed to move past barriers and step outside my comfort zone as much as possible, and music has always been a tool that has allowed me to do so." She continued, "This song really showcases the ability that music has in helping people to find strength and clarity."

As for the episode itself, Jennifer is set to play a music therapist who forms a bond with Trai Bryers' character, Andre. Trai spoke with the Hollywood Reporter about working with Jennifer, saying, "She brings a purity with her as an actress into the role of Michelle that connects with the purity of Andre. Her light shines onto his light, and her light combines with his light, and it showcases the Andre that he can potentially be in a way that steps away from the needs of Empire Entertainment."

Jennifer's episode of Empire will air tomorrow (March 11).

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