If you were to call this the most awkward episode of Jeopardy! that ever aired ... Well, you'd probably be right.

The show has had a long history with many memorable moments, from numerous laughable fails to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's spirited appearance on the show (second only to Aaron Paul's time on The Price is Right.) Thursday's episode (March 12), however, was so unremarkable that it just might go down in history.

What was so bad about it? Well, for one thing, only one contestant even made it to the final Jeopardy round. Two of the three contestants were "in the red" by the end of the double jeopardy round, meaning they had negative winnings. One contestant's balance was stuck at -$200, while another's was an unfortunate -$6,800. "This was not one of our greatest days," host Alex Trebek said.

Kristin Sausville, the final contestant embarked on the final round alone. "I think you're going to win the game," the host told her right before the round began. "It all depends how you handle this final Jeopardy category."

For his part, Trebek seemed to understand how hilarious the whole situation was, makinh quips about how only one contestant made it to the final round as he proceeded with the game.

Interestingly enough, the final contestant's husband was also on an episode of the game show, according to PEOPLE. 

"It was more nerve-racking to be the only person on stage," Sausville told the magazine. "On the one hand, it was nice not to have to worry about what anyone else was wagering, but at the same time, it meant that all of the contestant coordinators, compliance people and stage crew were standing around me."

In the end, Sausville failed to answer her final question correctly, but took home $6,800 for the game anyway.

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