For its 40th Anniversary Special, 'Saturday Night Live' took another opportunity to take a swipe at Justin Bieber and this time, the long-running sketch comedy show integrated the pop star into its famous Celebrity Jeopardy gag from the late '90s and early 2000s.

Will Ferrell once again reprised his role as a frustrated Alex Trebek, who can't seem to ever get a correct response from his less-than-bright celebrity contestants. Currently 'SNL' cast member Kate McKinnon once again portrayed Bieber and was joined by Alec Baldwin playing Tony Bennett, Jim Carrey as Matthew McConaughey, Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds and Darrell Hammond stepping back into the shoes of a foul-mouthed Sean Connery.

"Yeah, you see, there hasn't been a lot up here [points at head] but there's so much in here [points at heart] but I just want to get it out, girl," says Bieber (McKinnon), when it is brought up that he has a score of -$17,000.

"You think that I, a grown adult man, am a girl?" asks a confused Trebek (Ferrell).

"Yeah, no, I don't know," responds Bieber, and suddenly puts on his hood.

Later, the dim-witted Bieber buzzes in on a Jeopardy clue about Tom Sawyer, to which he answers, "Um, I don't know anything about Tom Sawyer."

"Then don't buzz in," Trebek answers.

"But I know adventures, and I want you to come with me on my next one, girl," Bieber says to the screen.

Bieber later disappears during the sketch, to which Taran Killam appears as Christoph Waltz, and vows to play on for the Beliebers of the world.

'Celebrity Jeopardy' on 'Saturday Night Live' was infamous for poking fun at celebrities during Will Ferrell's time at 'SNL' between 1995 and 2002. So while Bieber himself was just a young child when 'Celebrity Jeopardy' was a staple for the show, we're sure somewhere Bieber is laughing at himself, and feels honored to be a part of the tradition.

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