'SNL' took on Justin Bieber's sultry, black-and-white Calvin Klein ads in a ridiculously hilarious spoof this weekend -- and the Biebs himself responded.

Taking to Twitter, the pop star wrote:

Of course, it doesn't come as a surprise that the Biebs took the whole thing in stride -- after all, this is the same singer who practically begged Comedy Central to roast him (that special will be filmed in March). Still, we love that he has such a cool sense of humor about the whole thing, especially as the comedians didn't hold anything back.

While comedic genius Kate McKinnon looks freakishly like Bieber in the parody -- and those mannerisms are on point -- it is her subtle lines that made us practically pee ourselves from laughing so hard.

"This tattoo made me say 'Owie,'" McKinnon-as-Bieber dead-panned, pointing at one of the many tats mimicking the Biebs' sleeve.

But even better? The moment where the faux Biebs points at his bulge and tells the world, "My pee-pee's in there." Anddddd we're done.

Beliebers, check out the 'SNL' parody above!

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