Just in case Calvin Klein didn't bring you enough Bieber bulge yesterday, feast your eyes on Justin Bieber in this new interview about his underwear modeling duties.

"To be the next Calvin Klein underwear jeans model, for me, was the next step really," Bieber says in the Associated Press interview, which is cleverly interspersed with steamy new clips of the Biebs modeling in the boxer briefs.

"I've been wearing Calvin Klein underwear for years, kinda in hopes of being, one day, the Calvin Klein model but never really thinking it would be come to reality," Bieber admitted with a sheepish smile. "And now that it's here, it's really a dream come true."

It's a dream that is purposely intertwined with his first job -- as an artist and musician.

"What's special about this shoot is that I was just able to be me," he explained. "I was able to play drums, play guitar." And he does a fine job at that -- just check out those kickass drumming skills. Not too shabby!

Another impressive skill? His chemistry with model Lara Stone, both of whom are locked in a seductive embrace throughout the shoot.

"It was really fun working with Justin Bieber," Stone revealed in the interview. "I had never met him before, but we had a really great time on set and we had a really fun time shooting the campaign."

We can see why!

Beliebers, check out Justin's interview -- and those steamy clips of him in his underwear -- in the video above!

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