It’s a shame the riveting Celebrity Ghost Stories series is currently on hiatus, because it looks like Jessica Alba has her own HARROWING tale to tell.

The Honey actress posted a photo to Instagram two days ago (January 13…a coincidence??) of a selfie she took in what may or may not be her home. Alba was feeling her low-key look that day -- staying beautiful in a flannel button-down, and emphasizing her perfectly symmetrical face with minimal makeup -- so she snapped a photo. This is relatable on many levels.

Barring her face, the rest of the shot leaves much to be desired — if that truly is her home, perhaps Alba should hire a decorator with that Sin City money. Her walls are almost distracting in their plainness. Until you look just to the left, that is, where a ghostlike figure stands enshrouded in a mysterious blue-tinted glow.

Instead of immediately breaking her phone and then burning down her house, Alba uploaded the photo to Facebook and Instagram and captioned it, "I have no idea what that is 😱 freaky."

Have you ever gone to upload a prized selfie to all your social media channels, only to notice an open portal to the spirit realm lurking in a doorway behind you? Is this merely part of a viral campaign for whatever project Alba may be involved in next? Do viral campaigns even work that way? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you wish they'd bring back the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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