Jessica Sanchez was the runner up on Season 11 of 'American Idol,' losing to Phillip Phillips last May. Sanchez is a belter, but for her first single, 'Tonight,' featuring Ne-Yo, the singer has gone in a more dance-pop direction.

Sanchez returned to the 'Idol' stage tonight (March 21) during the results episode to debut the song. The fans and wind machines were blowing her long black hair around and Ne-Yo was on the stage, singing and dancing with her. It was a fun and fanciful club banger, but it's a markedly different style for Sanchez.

She was more Jennifer Lopez than Mariah Carey, to draw a comparison to the former and current judge's panel. That is, she was more about the show, the image and the dancing then she was about showcasing the diva voice. She positioned herself as a diva during her season but has completely switched gears ... at least with her first single.