After churning out career-changing hits for Miley Cyrus ("Party in the U.S.A.") and David Guetta ("Repeat"), Jessie J went on to pave a lane of her own with a self-defining debut in 2011 that would shoot her to stardom.

Years later, Jessie's spine-tingling vibrato and insane improvisations would continue to stun millions across the world, making her a true force of nature. With so many colorful moments to choose from—like her ad lib showdown at Capital's Summertime Ball in 2014 with "Domino" to her myriad sky high "Price Tag" performances—selecting the singer's greatest highlights was no easy task, but we're up to the challenge.

Check out our favorite memories of the London-born star's limitless ability, above, and share any showcases you believe deserve a spot in our Pt. 2 in the comments below.