Now that we've heard more than just a brief snippet of British pop singer Jessie J's latest song 'Domino,' it's clear the track is a disappointing effort that unfortunately sounds more derivative than innovative.

We know from 'Price Tag' and 'Do It Like a Dude' that Jessie is an original performer, full of wit and spunk. But none of that comes through on 'Domino,' which instead sounds exactly like something from Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' album.

The Dr. Luke-produced song opens with a single guitar guiding the verse until a dance beat joins the party as Jessie sings about being completely infatuated with a love interest.

Jessie sounds especially like Perry when she sings the hook, "Rock my world into the sunlight / Make this dream the best I've ever known / Dirty dancing in the moonlight / Take me down like I'm a domino / Every second is a highlight / When we touch don't ever let me go / Dirty dancing in the moonlight / Take me down like I'm a domino."

Of course, there are worse artists to emulate than Katy Perry, who has been riding high with one No. 1 hit after another. 'Domino' is catchy enough to potentially become Jessie J's biggest American hit. We just prefer when she shows a little more of her own personality, like in the 'Who's Laughing Now' video.


Listen to Jessie J, 'Domino'

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