In the new video for her David Guetta-assisted single 'LaserLight,' British pop diva Jessie J steps out of the dark and into the (laser) light.

She's the centerpiece and the star of the clip. For the verses, she is seated in a dark movie theater and in the backseat of a car, with her hair slicked back off her forehead and giant hoop earrings. She's ever-fashionable, especially in that leather jacket with pointed, protruding spikes on the shoulders. Those are fierce, not to mention dangerous.

When she rockets into the upbeat, bouncy chorus, she comes alive and springs to her feet, dancing, singing and surrounded by laserlights. Jessie is incredibly animated, using her hands, her face, her mouth and her eyes to express herself.

She also shows off her ripped, J. Lo-like abs in a black crop top and white leggings in her dancing scenes.

Jessie is actually dancing quite a lot throughout, which is to be expected since the song gets a boost from DJ and beloved EDMer Guetta.

Vitamin Water also gets a gratuitous plug, sitting on her vanity while she's getting ready.

Watch Jessie J 'LaserLight' Video