There's a lot of things we love about Jessie J, but one of her greatest strengths is her persistent ability to be genuine. This quality has never been more apparent than in her video for 'Masterpiece,' in which she doesn't hold back in telling it like it is.

The track kicks off with Jessie J waking up (looking stunning, may we add), and before she gets out of bed, she's already addressing the haters.

"If you don't like my song / you can turn it down," she belts.

And while Jessie is self-admittedly ambitious, she opens up about making mistakes, explaining, "I got a way to go / But it's worth the wait."

It's this frankness and authenticity (oh, yeah, and Jessie's crazy amazing vocals), that make this a great feel-good anthem. We've all experienced triumphs and moments of self-doubt, and the singer articulates these emotions perfectly.

Get a candid look at Jessie J's life in her 'Masterpiece' video above!

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