The platinum edition of Jessie J's global smash album 'Who You Are' is getting re-released in the singer's native U.K. on Nov. 14. The expanded version has some spicy treats for fans! It will include two new songs, including a partnership with "It" French DJ David Guetta called 'Laserlight.' The other new cut is called 'My Shadow.' We're always in the mood for new Jessie J, so this news just about made our day.

Snippets of each bonus track have surfaced online – of course they have! And of course we're offering our assessment of these snips.

Jessie J is quite Katy Perry-like in her delivery on 'Laserlight,' when she sings "You're like a laserlight / Burning down on me / You make me feel good / You make me feel safe / Like I could live another day." That's hot, right? But seriously, Miss J has more in common with Perry than shiny black follicles. She has a similar vocal range and style to Perry. She's like the British version of KP or KP is the American version of JJ? It could go either way, honestly.

'My Shadow' is a bit of a romantic ode, where Jessie refers to her lover as a shadow who never leaves her side. She gets all breathy when singing about him (or her, since the singer has been candid about her bisexuality.) She coos, "I don't see the need to cry / 'Cuz you'll never leave my life." We wish we had that kinda relationship certainty!

Both are mid-tempo dance songs, as we've come to know and expect from this British firecracker!

Listen to Jessie J 'Laserlight'

Jessie J & David Guetta - LaserLight by Skoteh

Listen to Jessie J 'My Shadow'

Jessie J - My Shadow by Skoteh