Oh John Mayer, how we love your antics so. On Sunday (April 22) the rock star took to his Instagram Story to post a series of videos in which he gives a smokey eye tutorial. He first explains why he owns eye shadow in the first place, expressing that he's purchased some palettes because he's doing "some color study on some things" and really likes Chanel colors. And then, he gets right down to business.

As he begins to apply the makeup, he swears all you need is the applicators that come with the eye shadow, and your finger for blending. He begins with copper, a typical base color, and emphasizes a gentle application.

“This is where guys get it wrong, they go too heavy. Notice how I’m already impressing you with my light touch.” He then begins to cake it on, out of boredom.

The next color is dark grey, which he says needs to accentuate the roundness of the eye. He finishes it off with tan in the middle of the eye. “Oh I’m sorry did somebody nail it?” he bragged after admiring the finished product. “No they didn’t. They came close and that’s what matters. That’s the only thing this was all about, was giving it your all and being glorious.”

"Is that good?" he then asks. "I think that might be good, I just don't know," he says with a giggle before asking fans to DM him and let him know. Watch the amazingly wonderful video below.

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