Remember when JoJo sang in front of her locker at school? She's come a long way! JoJo shows that she's all grown up in this new clip for her latest breakup single, 'Disaster.' The singer revealed a new, more rock-based sound on the track -- and some fierce eyeliner.

The video features JoJo clad in all black fronting a band and in various scenes kissing -- and kissing off -- a seemingly live-in, bad biker boyfriend. He may look familiar -- he's Rafi Gavron from 'Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist!' Why did she pick him? "In choosing our leading man, I wanted it to be someone that was genuinely a rough-around-the-edges kinda guy," JoJo said. "Manicured 'pretty boys' needed NOT apply ... He embodied the edge and rugged sexiness that I wanted my guy to have. I wanted him to feel a bit like a bad boy from Boston, and although Rafi is from the U.K., he pulled it off perfectly."

The once-happy couple's relationship plays out in intertwining vignettes. They begin by kissing on a couch, which was pretty scary for poor JoJo. "Kissing someone I had just met that day was nerve racking! But I pushed my butterflies to the side and went for it," she says. It probably didn't hurt that he's gorgeous.

They argue while JoJo plays guitar on the same couch, and her boyfriend smashes a glass bowl in anger. The guy blows her off to go riding with his friends. In another scene, JoJo kisses him goodbye and shoves him away in what looks like a biker rally.

While the video sounds like a bit of a bummer, it's an anthem to stay strong during a bad breakup, evidenced when JoJo sings, "So disaster strikes / And I'm alright / 'Cause my love's on its way." Things may not always be perfect, but they will always get better -- just like JoJo's voice. No one wants a broken heart, but if it keeps inspiring songs as good as this one, here's hoping she dates a lot of dirtbags.

Watch the JoJo 'Disaster' Video