Lesson learned: Calling JoJo "perfect" or "pretty" won't score you a single point—where a relationship's concerned, she only wants to hear those three words. 

In the video for the tringle-singer's latest, "Say Love," she can't help but feel condescended to by a man who seems to be into her, but won't budge when it comes to voicing his definitive love. And so, she listlessly wonders during a rainfall (anyone else getting "Too Little Too Late" flashbacks?) if continuing to invest is worth her time.

"This is us at our best, and at our worst / And when we speak, does it feel unrehearsed?" she questions at the get-go, as she and a boyfriend go rounds out on the open road and inside a stuffy car (slight side-eye to the close-up of an AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION at the mention of "It feels like we can't get out of first"...).

JoJo told BuzzFeed she wanted to do something totally different for the follow-up to "When Love Hurts," which found her dancing with hands (yup!) in a warehouse.

"This song called for something open and intimate, while focusing on the tension of being with someone but not fully being on the same page," she said. "Calling out for more. The backdrop of sprawling field and tall trees reminded me of autumn in New England, my favorite time and place. I had so much fun making this video."

Check out the video above and tell us if you're digging it!

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