The joke is on JoJo in her new single, because she discovers that the man she thought was hers isn't -- and that she is actually 'The Other Chick.'

"I thought that girl was a joke / But she's laughing at me," the 20-year-old sings, adding, "Now there's no doubt / That I'm the other chick / And you never loved me / 'Cause I'm just the other chick."

For as upbeat and spirited as this song is, it's surprisingly spiteful, and JoJo even makes a few (immature) disses as her man -- though it's clearly from a place of hurt. Aside from calling out that she faked it every time, we admire a girl who can admit that she's lost something important to her. Not only that, with its catchy lyrics and 'la la la la's,' it's pretty much the perfect sound for radio.

This song is a step up from doubly spiteful tunes that threaten to regain what's rightfully theirs, and in fact, it seems JoJo does the right thing and lets this guy walk away, showing that she doesn't need a man who can't treat her right. You go, girl!

'The Other Chick' is the first single from JoJo's much-anticipated forthcoming third album, 'Jumping Trains,' which is slated for later this year. A music video for the song is in the works now.

Rating: 7/10

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