The Jonas Brothers made the rounds on Z100 (radio) and the 'TODAY' show (TV) on Aug. 21, since they have a lot going on and much to discuss. They are in the studio. They have a reality show. They have a Radio City Music Hall concert set for October. It's good to be (a) Jonas!

The 'Married to Jonas' reality show was a hot topic, with Kevin revealing that he and his brothers discussed how they knew his wife Danielle was the one well before she got the ring! The also revealed that their father looks like a murder trial judge on camera (read: stern and unhappy) since he hates being filmed. Slowly backing away from the screen...

Overall, though, the Jo Bros all look happy and healthy. Joe's hair is a bit too long, while Nick is close-cropped. Kev looks, well, married. Danielle must be grooming him a bit and he looks amazeballs.

Since the boys split with longtime label Hollywood Records, they mention that they've grabbed their rights (presumably to their name and image) back, so their new app can be customized with all sorts of photos from their history. The bros can use their visuals as they wish.

The boys are relieved and excited to be free agents right now. "We're [our] own bosses for the first time," Joe said. Nick was quick to call the former label digs "a good home" but it's time to take things into their own hands.

While they wouldn't share too many details about their studio efforts and how it sounds, nor did they share a snippet of music, Nick said that it's the same songwriting style, but influenced by current acts, as opposed to past ones. Names he dropped? Frank Ocean, Gotye and Adele. So this will be a more mature and artful Jo Bros. album.

On the 'TODAY' show, the boys said that while the Radio City gig is one-time only, and was not pre-planned to take place on the apocalyptic date of 10-11-12, there are more gigs to come. Joe also said that getting back into the studio was simple and they stepped into the rhythm easily.

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