As a member of the former Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas has lived a pretty amazing life at just 26-years-old. But he’s now embarking on his craziest adventure yet — being a dad!

The singer and his wife Danielle welcomed their daughter Alena in February. They’ve been publicly posting photos of their cute baby girl since the beginning, sharing with their fans snapshots of the little one bundled up asleep on her dad’s chest, or wearing adorable bunny ears for Easter.

“We knew all along that we wanted to share photos,” Kevin told “We wanted to be the ones to do it. We didn’t want other people to end up leaking a photo of our daughter before us; we wanted to be the ones in control.”

He added, “To be able to be in charge is really important, but we also want to share these special moments with everyone.”

The fans have been supportive of the couple and their decisions, flooding the new parents with congratulatory messages on social media.

“We’ve loved how loving, supportive and concerned they’ve been,” Danielle said of the fans. “They’re very involved. It’s really nice.”

It is nice to see that Kevin’s relationship with his fans hasn’t changed since his start of fatherhood, and especially since the end of the three-brother band. But more importantly, has adding a baby changed anything between him and his wife?

“We’re working together in a different way,” Kevin shared. “Now we have a different kind of bond and we have something that really represents our relationship — it’s more than just the rings on our finger. We created this beautiful life together.”

Soon Danielle will have her hands full with baby Alena all on her own, as her husband is heading out on the road with brother Joe Jonas for their live interactive show ‘Off the Record.’

Entertainment Tonight reports that the show will include Q&A sessions, never-before-soon video footage, audience participation and other surprises. And if anyone uses the Q&A sesh to ask about the band split-up, the boys will face it head-on.

“Nothing is really off limits for us,” Kevin confirms. “We’ve been open about it. We really chose to be a family more than a band at this time, and I think we needed this break. We needed to work on our individual goals and journeys. I’m on one right now with my amazing wife and beautiful new daughter, and I’m in the happiest place that I’ve ever been.”