Ah, 'Camp Rock.' It's hard to believe that it's been six years since the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato won our hearts in that amazing Disney Channel summer camp musical. Fans of both Lovato and the Jo Bros are feelin' pretty nostalgic today (so much so that #6YearsOfCampRock has been trending on Twitter), so we thought we'd celebrate by reliving some of our favorite moments from the movie -- with GIFs. Enjoy!

Oh, Shane. Little did you know what was in store...

Baby brother Nick -- er, Nate -- could always be relied on for his solid advice in 'Camp Rock.'

Let's be real, Jason's obsession with bird houses was the real plot of the movie.

Who doesn't love a feisty Joe Jonas?

Did anything better come out of 'Camp Rock' than all of the amazing Mitchie reaction GIFs?

Seriously, Demi has those looks down.

Raise your hand if you reenacted this scene in your kitchen afterwards. Raise your other hand if, sadly, Shane Gray didn't magically appear at your counter.

Mitchie kept it real with these words of wisdom.

Aw, we're glad to see Shane learned some things, too!

Do you remember when your heart dropped in this scene?

And when it filled up with joy and pride in this one?!

Of course, we have to pay homage to this iconic duet...

And from another angle, because it was the highlight of the movie. Duh.

For old times' sake, watch the official 'Camp Rock' music video for 'This is Me' below!

What was your favorite part of 'Camp Rock,' PopCrushers?

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