John Mayer has been hosting 'The Late Late Show' for a good part of this past week. And last night (Feb. 6) he upped his game by bringing on fellow acoustic crooner Ed Sheeran as a guest on Friday eve's episode.

Starting off the episode with the two discussing tattoo designs for each other, the 'Born and Raised' artist thanked Ed for being on the show. "I have to tell you before we start," John said before continuing on with the interview. "I asked some people to be on this show, and I'm going to tell you, without saying anything about anyone else, there are a lot of people who are doing the Grammys that are nominated for things are a bit overprotective maybe. And you're one of the only Grammy nominated artists who is a good enough sport and a free enough thinker to come on this show to entertain these incredible people."

John then admitted that he had to contact Ed directly instead of go through "his people." However Ed said that this is the closes he'll get to going on a "TV chat show" in America unlike the UK, where he has frequented many of the country's shows.

"Because in the UK, everybody gets a bit spiky and always have digs," Ed reveals, "and it's fun because you can always have a dig back where it's here, it's all very friendly."

John reassured him saying, "Well, we're going to have some fun because I'm not allowed to dig back. So you can throw as many spikes as you want."

While Ed could have called John out on his past relationship with his BFF Taylor Swift, the two bantered on about John's gossipy past (sans relationships), rockstars' vices and tattoos -- recounting the ones they designed for each other before the show. Ed got a tattoo say "Cool Guy" with an arrow pointing to him on his bicep while John got a little cat face on his shoulder, which the 'Sing' musician says has a double meaning that is so cheeky that you'll need to watch the video above to find out what it's all about.

Not only did the two joke around, but they also performed Ed's single, 'Don't,' together, which made the already soulful song even hotter.

Catch the full interview and performance above.

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