If the police caught a pair of lunatics planning to rob and murder you, it stands to reason the news might put a bit of a cramp in your week. But Joss Stone treats murder plots the way she treats shoes -- by shrugging them off and carrying on without them.

"I'm fine, hon, don't worry," Stone told Spinner in a recent interview. ""I'm all good. People are crazy, but that's OK. Hey, I'm carrying on: I paint my bathroom. I bake my cakes. All is well."

The 24-year-old singer, who boasts a pair of platinum albums and a Best New Artist Grammy nomination, isn't letting this week's disturbing developments take her focus away from promoting her upcoming fifth studio set, 'LP1.' Due July 26, the album found her writing and co-producing with erstwhile Eurythmic Dave Stewart -- and setting up her own label, distributed through Dave Kaplan's Surfdog Records.

The two men (Kevin Liverpool, 33; and Junior Bradshaw, 30) accused in the plot appeared in court Thursday, where they were charged with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to commit robbery.

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