Things quickly turned from successful to scary for British soul singer Joss Stone this week. Following the release of her new single, 'Somehow,' police believe she may have been targeted by two men attempting to murder her.

Authorities picked up two unidentified men, ages 30 and 33, outside Stone's secluded Devon home on Monday morning. According to the Telegraph, the pair were carrying swords, rope, a body bag, the floor plans to the singer's home and aerial shots of it, as well.

While it's unclear whether Stone was home at the time, what is clear is that the suspects' intent was to "cause her some really serious harm," according to police. Of course, the men are still in custody, and as many as 20 detectives from the major crime unit are on the case."The two men in custody had in their possession information relating to an individual in the Cullompton area and items that lead us to suspect that they may have intended to commit a criminal offense," Chief investigator Steve Parker said in a statement.

Stone is one of the top 5 highest earning female British singers, a close friend of Prince William and Harry, and recently attended the royal wedding. At this time, authorities remain unclear on the criminals' motives.

In promotion of her new single, the singer is expected to appear on 'The Tonight Show' and the 'Craig Ferguson' show on July 11 and 12, before heading back overseas to tour.

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