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Justin Bieber + Austin Mahone's Collaboration

Beliebers and Mahomies may have flipped their lids over the Instagram pics hinting at a Justin Bieber/Austin Mahone collaboration, but they weren't the only ones -- I was freaking out a little on the inside, too. While the details about the collab have been few and far between, Mahone just shed some light on the collab today, revealing that the Biebs had a song he wanted him to record -- though he didn't say whether the track will be solely sung by Mahone or if it will be a duet. Still, I can only imagine just how sick the sound on this track would be with the Bieber and Mahone influence, considering both guys have smooth, strong vocals with a hip-hop twist. I feel like they can go one of two ways with the tune -- something more urban and R&B sounding (I'd love to see them produce something akin to Biebs' 'Beauty and a Beat') but they could also nail a ballad, which would be an awesome surprise and a way to showcase both of their voices, which sometimes get overshadowed by the heavy beats. Either way, I'll be waiting on pins and needles for the sweet sounds of a Bieber x Mahone collab to grace my ears.

O-Town's Reunion Announcement

I was never an O-Town superfan back in the day, but 'Liquid Dreams' and 'All or Nothing' were my jams. And, being the diehard pop culture junkie I've been all of my life, I knew all of the members' names by heart and can still picture the crazy tricked-out house they lived in post-'Making the Band.' So when the group (notably, sans Ashley Parker Angel) officially announced this week that they are reuniting, I was pretty pumped. But when I watched their documentary-like announcement video, I was even more excited. This is a band -- yes, a former boy band -- who is embarking on this journey alone. “There is only us. There is no big manager, no big label, no big networks, no big music mogul," they share in the vid, which features the members playing various instruments -- a huge plus in my book, which I think will also help distance the band from the old boy band label. "It’s just us and our love for music," they conclude. And that, in a nutshell, is my favorite quality in an artist.

Kim Kardashian's Failed Attempt at a Selfie With an Elephant

Jeff Bottari, Getty Images

When I first saw photos from Kim Kardashian's failed attempt to grab a selfie with an elephant, I couldn't stop laughing. (Seriously, ask my fellow editors.) The idea of taking a selfie with the gentle giant is funny enough -- but the fact that this particular elephant wanted absolutely no part in the Instagram ritual is absolutely hilarious. And he (or she) made his voice be heard, trumpeting his trunk so loudly that it literally blew the reality star away. The incident startled Kardashian so much that she immediately pulled her infamous "ugly cry face," which should totally be known going forward as the "post-trumpeting elephant face." I just can't help it -- I'm LOLing forever over this one.