Please Justin, MAKE MUSIC AGAIN!

Justin Timberlake has admittedly let his music career languish on the backburner while he makes us giggle in rom coms and on 'SNL.' However, a concerned group of funny people/fans have created a hilarious PSA urging JT to make music again. It's a smattering of males and females of all ages and they are jonesing for some new Justin Timberlake tuneage. It's been five years since the singer released 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' and life has changed. Bush was in office. Pluto still had planet status. The mortgage rate was six percent.

Now, we have Bruno Mars, who one dame claims she can't pleasure herself to, and Justin Bieber, who shares a first name with JT but can't compare, as one Timberlake fanatic exclaims that he is too young to "jerk off to." It's a salty NSFW video, but JT brings that out in people. He did, after all, bring sexy back.

One dude laments that he can't say "da club" and another says children are dying (he thinks) due to Timberlake being in absent from music making. Overall, the lack of JT in our lives is likened to permanent PMS.

The fans don't know who to blame for this pop music injustice. Is it his string o' exes, like Diaz, Biel and (possibly) Kunis, whose name is transformed into something R-rated?

The funniest line? "It feels like you are cheating on us with acting!" Well, he kind of is.

JT brought sexy to the front and if he waits too long, he can't bring sexy back back. From the sounds of these fan pleas, JT is a life ruiner.

Timberlake himself tweeted about the PSA, “‘cause that’s how science works…” Hahaha LMAO."

Take heed, JT. You cannot plead ignorance to how you are affecting people's lives. You hold the key. You are the cure. This is your mission. Make it happen, brotha!

Watch the PSA Urging Justin Timberlake to Make Music Again