Just when you think Justin Timberlake has released a sufficient amount of awesomeness off of 'The 20/20 Experience,' he goes and puts out a track like 'Take Back the Night,' which further demonstrates how this guy is a never-ending well of good music!

This is the first single that will appear on JT's second installment of 'The 20/20 Experience,' which is due out on Sept. 30. It sounds like Part 2 will be a wild party compared to the first half of the album!

'Take Back the Night' sounds like a major tip-of-the-hat to Michael Jackson, and how could you dislike a song majorly influenced by the King of Pop? The lyrics could serve as a narration for almost every college-aged kid and twenty-something ready to hit the town, with JT crooning, "I wanna do something right / But we can do something better / Ain't no time like tonight / And we ain't trying to save it for later."

The track, one of 11 that will appear on Timberlake's forthcoming LP, was produced by Timbaland, J-Roc and JT himself. Plus, they had James Fauntleroy assist with the songwriting too. No wonder this track is off the hook!

Before the release of 'The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2' on Sept. 30, Justin will hit the road with Jay-Z on their Legends of the Summer tour, which kicks off July 17 in Toronto.

Get ready for much more JT, people!

Justin Timberlake Take Back the Night