Justin Timberlake had already won the night's most prestigious award, pulled off an epic performance, was publicly dubbed the "President of Pop," reunited with his legendary boy band -- what else could he get at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards? How 'bout Video of the Year!

His 'Mirrors' took home that award, the evening's second most coveted prize after the lifetime-achievement Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award -- which JT nabbed earlier in the night!

It was a huge night for the 'Suit and Tie' singer, so maybe he was simply out of words at the end of it. His acceptance speech for Video of the Year was a little on the awkward side.

Things started off well enough after actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt presented him with the Moonman and JT asked the Brooklyn, N.Y., crowd to make some noise for the other nominees.

"This is a really special video for me 'cause it's a tribute to my grandparents," he began, before being distracted by audience members to his right. "Well, let's not get soft. We all have grandparents."

"No," he continued, with an awkward laugh. "And now I'm going to follow that up with, my grandfather actually passed away in December. I hope my grandmother's watching right now. This is for you, granny!"

We're certain one little hiccup on stage won't matter much when Timberlake looks back on last night. His videos also won Best Direction and Best Editing!