A woman named Dana Panzer married her girlfriend Amy Wicker in Norwalk, Connecticut this past Saturday (June 27), which is a life-changing event in and of itself. But then Jessica Biel's husband, Justin Timberlake, made the day even more memorable when he delivered a surprise performance of his 2003 "Senorita" at the wedding reception.

Before you get excited and think Justin's cruising the Connecticut wedding circuit and surprising random plebs with impromptu performances a la Maroon 5, you should probably know that Dana was Jessica Biel's roommate when they attended Tufts University together. Jessica probably deserves a fair bit of credit for setting it all up.

The moral of the story is this: If you're currently debating whether or not you should willingly enter into a future plagued by years of crippling debt in the form of ever-increasing student loans by going to an expensive college you can't afford, we say go for it! No one really knows what happens to unpaid student loans once you die, since the policies seem to vary depending on each individual lender (so who even cares about paying them back, right?), but there's a minuscule possibility that your roommate could go on to marry a famous musician. And that musician just might play a surprise set at your eventual wedding, provided you stay in touch and on good terms with your former roommate. Do you see how every decision you make ultimately impacts your future in some way? What a powerful secondhand lesson.

See a snippet of Justin performing "Senorita" in the Instagram video above, and the one below.

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